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Loft Insulation RIS-Spray Spray Foam Systems

RIS-Spray roofing contractors use polyurethane spray foam for insulating cold lofts. The spray foam also has the benefit that it will bond all slates and tiles on a pitched roof where nail fatigue is causing slippage. The rigid foam will bond all slates and tiles and prevent any future movement and slippage.

The polyurethane foam is applied at typically sprayed applied by heavy duty industrial compressors at 120 C and at a pressure of 600 psi. This ensures both excellent adhesion and effective coverage in all nooks and crannies. The polyurethane foam cures within a short time and is hard within an hour.

The spray foam is typically applied at a nominal depth of 40 mm. Nominal depth means that the foam will vary from about 30 mm to 50 mm because different surfacees will affect the rate of expansion of the foam. Because of the type of foam required for attic roof spaces, the foam will have a wavy and bumpy (not flat, not smooth) surface and vary in actual depth from about 35 mm to about 50 mm. Please note that polyurethane spray foam is not designed to be a final decorative finish (if that is what is required). It is spray applied direct to the underside of the tile or slate to seal and prevent the ingress of wind blown rain, snow and debris. The foam is water resistant and undamaged by water. This is sufficient to provide excellent bonding and attic insulation. Polyurethane foam is about 3 to 4 times more effective than mineral wool insulation so depths do not have to be as great to achieve a more than adequate level of loft insulation.

The polyurethane foam used by RIS-Spray is a class 1 fire retardant, is semi permeable and so allows timbers to naturally breath, and inhibits wet and dry rot. It is not a DIY product due to the nature of application (120 C and at a pressure of 600 psi) and the skill required during application. It bears no resemblance to DIY foam products sold in DIY stores which are flammable and cause timber sealing which leads to rot. It is a high performance spray foam that insulates and bonds a roof giving an extended roof life of many years, perhaps 100 years or more.

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